Test Drive A New Concept in Music Vizualization


 Listen and Watch... Music from your iPod, Pandora, CD, Radio or whatever source you like. Then watch the VizLoops fill your PC or Mac monitor with vibrant multi-hued movement. If you are set up for it, you can even watch them on that gorgeous HD Flatscreen TV. The beautiful and complex animations will induce your mind to synchronize them to the rythms and melodies of your music. It’s an amazing and entertaining illusion.

 VizLoops energize Rock, Pop, Techno, House, Trance, Flamenco, Reggae, Latin, even Jazz, Country and Bluegrass. The VizLoops catch drum hits, bass lines, chord changes, guitar solos and even vocals in fascinating ways. Great at parties, and for relaxation, they can be hypnotic.  The different titles bring a range of energy levels to your monitor. From the relaxing, flowing, liquid motion of Lubralicious to the highly energetic action of Seizure City  you can mix and match VizLoops to your mood. Caution: you’ll find youself staring.


 VizLoops are exclusive to We are introducing them as $2.99 downloads directly through this site. You can have them running on your computer just minutes from now. Take the VizLoops for a Test Drive and pick a VizLoop for download. 

 (Note: VizLoops are not iPod files. They are High Definition movies for your computer. Make sure your computer can run HD Movies. Older or low powered machines will be challenged.)